Explanation of Ghost in the shell: Stand alone complex (gits:SAC)

Beware of spoilers below if you haven’t seen the series yet!

Understanding the story

The interceptors and the decoy

It all starts with a detective in the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) squad of the Nihama police discovering that the detectives have had interceptors secretly put in them. Interceptors are machines put in the body that record everything a person sees and can transmit this information.
Superintendant Daido the chief of police did this with the help of a select few like the chief of Nihama police Nibu to secretly monitor the force. Specifically, it was to monitor the SIU and their findings concerning the ongoing laughing man investigation.
The detective gets killed when he discovers this (remember the flashing in his eyes that led to his car crashing) but with some luck he manages to give some photos as evidence to Togusa that used to work with him.
With these photos and the help of an SIU detective that talks to Togusa about interceptors, Togusa figures it out and section9 starts looking into the whole affair.

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Explanation of the Ghost in the shell movie (1995)

Beware of spoilers below if you haven’t yet seen it.

The deception

To understand the story we must first understand the two main groups acting in it, section 6 and section 9.
Section 6 is commanded by Nakamura and works under the foreign ministry of affairs.


Section 9 is commanded by Aramaki. Our main protagonist Motoko Kusanagi also known as the major belongs to it. Continue reading “Explanation of the Ghost in the shell movie (1995)”

Explanation of Texhnolyze

Texhnolyze paints a picture by showing and not telling. We meet with all these different characters who belong to different groups that all have their own interests to defend and after a first viewing I found it hard to make sense of the whole picture.
This is my attempt at explaining what the anime is all about. Spoilers ahead !

Evolution of the Human species, what’s next ?

Texhnolyzation is the process of replacing organic limbs with highly advanced prosthetics. The doctor (Doc) thought that texhnolyzation was the very means for mankind to evolve into the next species (episode 20). She tells Ichise who has been texhnolyzed by her after losing his arm and leg that texhnolyzation should be used for good and not for violence.

Doc hugging Ichise
Doc hugging Ichise.

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Shinsekai yori / From the new world

sunset on kidsHere are my thoughts that contain major spoilers so beware if you haven’t seen it.

Why couldn’t someone self-sacrifice by killing Maria’s daughter and save everyone ? This was one question I had after watching Shinsekai Yori. The letter Saki’s mom writes to Saki explained some details that I didn’t quite get (you can find the full letter in the light novel). Continue reading “Shinsekai yori / From the new world”

Who is Lain ?

Lain asking who is this me
Read the explanation of serial experiments lain before if you don’t understand the anime.

Let’s all love Lain.

Everyone is connected.

The internet makes it possible to connect with others. People can be thought of as points and the net as the lines that join them. By sharing your thoughts or ideas you have with others you exist in other people’s minds. You can think of it as continuing yourself. Continue reading “Who is Lain ?”

Explanation of Serial Experiments Lain

This is my attempt to explain the story of the anime serial experiments Lain. After numerous watchings and searching the web for explanations I think I have figured it out. Spoilers ahead!

Setting the background

Masami Eiri, chief engineer at Tachibana laboratories, worked on protocol 7 and added code from his own initiative that introduced the schumann resonance into the protocol. This was so that the wired could be accessed without any device. He wanted the barrier between the real world and the wired to disappear, believing that humans should transcend the physical realm. For Eiri, evolution had little to no effect on us now and it was through our culture that we advanced as a species. The body to him was merely a vessel for our brains and our consciousness a result of electrical signals in them that could be replicated in the wired. The wired in his opinion was an upper layer of the real world.
Tachibana labs discovered his modifications of the protocol and fired him.
Eiri uploaded his consciousness on the wired and then killed himself.
The company Tachibana labs in contrast wanted the real world and the wired to stay separate. They are the ones who created Lain in a human form. This can be deduced from the short news segment where it’s said that tachibana labs have mapped the genome.

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