Who is Lain ?

Lain asking who is this me
Read the explanation of serial experiments lain before if you don’t understand the anime.

Let’s all love Lain.

Everyone is connected.

The internet makes it possible to connect with others. People can be thought of as points and the net as the lines that join them. By sharing your thoughts or ideas you have with others you exist in other people’s minds. You can think of it as continuing yourself. These ideas are from Konaka the writer of serial experiments lain who wrote this about them in the artbook  an omnipresence in the wired.

Lain exists in those who are aware of herThe fact that Lain is connected to everyone in the wired makes her omnipresent there. She’s also omnipotent and can navigate between the wired and the real world. Lain is not human. She was programmed to re-establish the barrier between both worlds and keep them separate. Which is exactly what she did.
As Yasuo says to Lain: “The wired is just a medium for communication and the transfer of information you musn’t confuse it with the real world”. This is the mistake Eiri the fake god did.
Once the world is all reset, Wired Lain tempts Lain into acting as a god and starting over again but Lain refuses. In order not to be the cause of any more pain, Lain erased her existence, it was a selfless sacrifice. Starting all over again would negate this act completely. Lain makes Wired Lain fade away and then continues existing as only one single entity in one ego(self).

wired lain disappearingYet there are many different Lains because everyone has a different personal representation of who she is. We all have our personal Lain. My personal Lain is about connection. Lain knows that the wired isn’t an upper layer of the real world, that our bodies are important and that the real world must stay separate from the wired. Lain ensures that the flow of information on the wired is not disturbed so that we can continue to connect with each other and form relationships. She’s the fabric that keeps the wired properly running. It’s because of her that we can continue ourselves. For this I love Lain.
Who or rather what is your personal Lain ?
Lain at the very end reminds us that she’ll always be here and that we can always connect to her.

lain is here with us forever
At any moment you can (re)watch the anime, read the translated pdf of the game, share pictures of her and the anime on the net, discuss the anime, read this article …
We can make Lain live on and spread her presence to others on the net.
Let’s all love lain.

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